50th Birthday Wishes for Friend

50 years ago this day
The world was blessed with someone great.
That someone was yourself, my friend,
And your best year yet will now begin.

Half a century you’ve had
On earth to learn and grow.
You’re far from being just a lad,
But you’ve a childlike heart, I know.
I wish the wisdom of the years,
The lessons of the past,
Will serve you well and others guide
So long as life shall last.

Five decades now have passed away
Since that original momentous day
When you first came into this world
And in mothers arms were curled.
You’ve been a friend
Both kind and true
To me and many more.
I pray that blessings
Come to you-
For many you have in store.

Adam lived 900 years-
So don’t think fifty’s old.
There are trees with twice
As many rings-
Or so I’m told.
Those “tites” and “mites”
That are found in caves
Make you seem quite young.
So happy birthday, little child,
Your years are not half done!

I wish you health, and wealth, and life
Long-lasting and full of cheer.
I wish you joy and peace and love
That fills each day and year.
I wish you all of God’s good gifts-
Blessings within and without.
I wish you well
And always thank God
That he gave you to me as a friend.

I wish that your golden birthday,
The 50th year of your life,
Shall shower you with joy and all blessings
And bring you no worry or strife.
A milestone of life-long gained wisdom
You’ve reached,
And I pray you shall find
Great happiness, peace, and contentment.
For you’ve sure been
A true friend of mine.

Fifty’s the year of the great jubilee.
So I pray that from all ill and woe
You go free.
May you inherit good things, friend,
This year.
May you enjoy life,
Forget every fear.
May your body and soul
Be healthy and strong.
May your curses be short
And your blessings be long!

All your family and friends,
Both your children and your wife,
Wish you a happy birthday-
The fiftieth one of your life.
I also send greetings
On this occasion so glad,
And I count you the best friend
That I’ve ever had.
Happy birthday!

Through sunshine and rain,
Through thick and through thin,
You’ve always been there
To give help to your friend.
There have been times of gladness,
There have been a few scuffles,
But nothing could divide us-
For such things love “muffles.”
You’ve reached now to 50,
And what more can I say,
But that I’m glad you’re my friend
And “Happy Birthday!”

The best friends we have
Just get better with time.
And you fit that description-
You’re a true friend of mine.
I wish you all good things
That life may impart-
The physical blessings,
But mostly those of the heart.
Happy 50th Birthday!

May Heavenly wisdom
And virtue most pure
Be yours
With all gladness
While life shall endure.
May you be blessed
And be a blessing.
May your name
Be sweet perfume.
May your victories be glorious
And your defeats all meet their doom.
May God’s hand be there to guide you
And His Word be your constant light.
And may you soar through your fiftieth year
Like an eagle in its heights.