50th Birthday Wishes for Sister

When we were 5 we made funny faces and shared toys
When we were 10 we snuck to the kitchen for and ice-cream.
When we were 15 we stayed up late to talk about boys
When we were 20 we stayed up late to talk about our dreams.

By the age 25 we may have started to drift apart
By the age 30 we each had so much going on in our lives.
By the age 35 I knew you held a place in my heart.
By the age 40 you’d shown me secrets to help me thrive.

Now after 50 long and full years of having a sister like you
One thing is clearer than it’s ever been, for sure!
I’m the luckiest person alive, and I think I always knew
That the love we share is strong, and always will be pure.

“The Dynamic Duo,” or “Partners in Crime”
No matter how you want to put it,
We sure as hell have had a really great time.
Over the years, oh the memories we’ve made.
From early school days to 50 candles lit,
For a better sister I couldn’t have prayed.
It’s been a great ride of ups and downs,
And next to me you’d always sit,
Cheering me up, making smiles from my frowns.
So really there’s just one thin to say,
And this really is just it,
Hope you have the Happiest of happy 50th birthdays!

When we were 10 years old we fought over toys.
When we were 20 years old we fought over boys.
When we were 30 years old we fought over the phone.
When we were 40 years old we fought just like at home.

But now you’re 50 and one things for sure,
Those days are long gone, we’ll never be sore,
Because even though I might be younger than you,
You’ve always been wiser, it’s always been true!

Having a sister is the best gift on earth,
And of course I’ll celebrate the day of your birth.
Because without you by my side, left or right,
There would have been nobody with which to fight.

We fight like brothers, but that’s okay,
Because we love like sisters, now and always!

I’ve had the greatest privilege in the world
To see you grow into the woman you’ve become.
I was there every single step of the way.
I taught you a thing or two, and also learned some.

I got to see the follies of your youth,
And at times I didn’t know if you’d survive.
But as with anyone coming into their own,
You learned from mistakes and learned to thrive.

We may have had our differences over the years
But for a sister you’re pretty nifty.
An the past fifty years have been a true joy,
So, here’s to another great fifty!

Happy 50th Birthday!

From pulling hair and stealing toys, we’ve come so very far.
From fights over dessert, or TV shows, or who gets to borrow the car.
Though siblings like us might have fights that are vicious some days,
There’s so much love and many memories that I’ll cherish forever and always.
Through ups and downs and twists and turns, we’ve always had love to show,
And that’s why I wish you the best on this day of your big Five-O!
Happy 50th Birthday, Sis!