56th Birthday Wishes

You’re 56 and it’s all good
So kick up your heels and celebrate like you should!

At 56 you’re like a fine wine
Sweet, smooth, and still getting better with time.

It’s your 56th birthday, so it’s your day
To do the things you like most today.

At 56 you’re all the rage
So there’s no need to act your age!

At 56, you’re still the one
So kick up your heels and have some fun!

You’re 56, so celebrate
Have a ball AND eat your cake!

Happy Birthday to you and truth be told
You’re in the prime of life at 56 years old!

you’re 56, 4 less than 60
But don’t despair, you’re looking nifty!

You’re the picture of health and full of grace
At 56, you’re in the right place!

This birthday wish is all for you
Happy 56th Birthday, and thanks for all you do.

You’re still going strong and looking great
So Happy 56th Birthday, you take the cake!

56 birthday wishes are coming your way
to let you now you’re thought of today, and every day.

On your birthday all will see
How wonderful and dignified 56 years can be.

Take some time to celebrate today
56 years of living life your way.

Happy 56th Birthday to a special friend
May you have bright days and happiness until the end.

Happy 56th Birthday to the one we all adore
May this day be filled with blessings and so much more.

As you look ahead to 56 And reflect on the past
Keep doing what you do with style and class.

56 years of life and love is what you have given to us
so as you look forward to what’s ahead you’ll always have our respect and trust.

For 56 years you’ve always been there With words of kindness and love
So as you celebrate your special day We wish you blessings from above.

You’re 56 and that’s no small feat
So here’s to the best to come and more great things to complete.

For 56 years you’ve been the one who’s always made me smile
So sit back, relax and let me now take care of you for a while.

On your 56th birthday and every day
You’re loved and honored in every way.

Your birthday is a special time for us to pull out our bag of tricks
to let you know how much we care that today you’re 56!

At 56, you’re still the one who makes my heart beat faster
You are the one who makes complete my “happily ever after”

Toys, games, and sticks we played with when we were young
But today on your 56th the fun has only just begun.

As Mom’s go, you are the best and here’s my chance to say
That on your 56th birthday you’re special in every way.