55th Birthday Wishes

Now that you’re turning 55, it’s time to celebrate,
So take a moment to relax and just do what feels great.
Blow out the blazing candles on the cake that’s just for you.
Whatever you are wishing, here’s to hoping it comes true!

How wonderful it is to be turning 55!
Today’s a joyous day to say, “It’s grand to be alive!”
Be grateful for the blessings showered on you on this day.
We’ll raise a glass and toast your health. Hooray! Hip hip hooray!

A little bird told me you’re 55 now.
I just had to send you this card to say, “Wow!”
That’s five and a half decades that you’ve been here.
I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to cheer!

You don’t look a day over thirty.
You’re zesty and lively and flirty.
What’s 25 more? There’s still fun in store,
So go on and get down and dirty!

You have been such a splendid friend
Throughout our years together.
Whatever lies around the bend,
In clear or stormy weather,
Please know that you can count on me
If you need help to thrive.
The best of times is yet to be,
So here’s to 55!

Fifty-five reasons to celebrate you.
Fifty-five more awesome things yet to do.
Fifty-five people who think that you’re tops.
Fifty-five years! Hope the fun never stops!

If I could launch wishes like kites or balloons,
I’d send them out sprawling o’er lakes and lagoons
In colorful rows so that people could see
How bright and how beautiful this world can be
Because of the wonderful people like you.
For now, though, I guess that this card here will do.
May everything awesome come floating your way
In year 55. Have a top-notch birthday!

Here’s to the years that you’ve lived in the world.
Here’s to the moment both massive and small.
Here’s to the dreams that will soon be unfurled.
May 55 be the best of them all!

You cannot get to 55 and be as nice as you
And not attract the notice of a faithful friend or two.
You’ve cultivated friendships, and I’m very glad to say
That I am one you’ve nurtured. It’s a gift I can’t repay,
But I’m glad to take this moment to say thanks for what you’ve done.
You’re as fine a friend as any; I’m the truly lucky one!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already here,
But you have arrived at your fifty-fifth year!
Take a look at the wonderful life you have made:
The friendships you’ve built and the days that you’ve played,
The lively adventures and hard work done well.
Pat yourself on the back because you have done swell!
Of course, there is still much to see and to do,
But today, you should kick back and celebrate you!

Fifty-five is a happy age, so be sure to wear a grin.
A year of lovely memories is waiting to begin!