Birthday Wishes for 80 year old Woman

Your hair may be white,
But your eyes are still bright,
And your smile can light up a room.

You are pearls and lace,
Full of beauty and grace,
And your fairness outshines the moon.

Wishing you much joy on this your 80th Birthday!

There is a well deep within
From which living waters flow.
In some it’s hidden just too deep
For anyone to know.

But others cannot hide the light
Of the sparkling stream within.
It is your spirit that so many love
And it never will be dimmed.

Happy 80th Birthday to a Beautiful Soul!

Laughter and light,
Wisdom so right,
Truth and beauty and love.

These are the things
That your presence brings
All gifts from the dear Lord above.

Happy Birthday! You are 80 years young.

Today you celebrate 80 years of a remarkable life,
A life full of hopes and dreams, joy and tears.
May all of your tomorrows be happy, and
May all of your dreams come true!

Happy Birthday! You are 80 years young.
When you look back and wonder where all of the time has gone,
Remember that you helped shape history and be proud.
Here’s wishing you many more years of happiness ahead.

When I look at you I see your beautiful face and bright smile,
With just a whisper of amusement on your lips.
There is a knowing in your eyes that tells me you’ve learned
The secret to a long and successful life.

Happy Birthday to a woman who has brought love into
So many lives for 80 years.

Happy Birthday Young Lady!
You may have been around for 80 years,
But you are still just a big kid to me.

You don’t look a day over 40…err…60,
And you certainly don’t act your age.
Here’s hoping you stay young at heart forever!

Wishing you a wonderful and glorious day
On this your 80th birthday.
You probably have forgotten more
Than most people will ever know.
But you don’t look it!
You are more beautiful today than you have ever been.
Happy, Happy Birthday!

When you turn 80, you have lived fourscore years.
That’s a long time!
But it’s hard to believe that you are 80,
Because you still look like a young chick.

Happy Birthday to the coolest 80 year old I know!

What is age? It’s just a way to mark time.
While our spirit never grows old.
Gravity will get us all.

But you’ve managed to beat gravity somehow.
Because you are just as beautiful today as
You were yesterday,
And you will be just as beautiful tomorrow.

It must be all the love in your heart.
Happy Birthday to my gorgeous 80-year-old!

Well razzle dazzle aren’t you cute?
I’ve bet you’ve got a big date planned.
You’re all dolled up and look like a dream.
Oh, wait! That’s right! You are 80 tonight!

Happy Birthday to a Gorgeous Gal!

May your future be filled with all
The love and joy
That you’ve brought to
Everyone who knows you.

Happy 80th Birthday to a Wonderful Woman!