Birthday Wishes to 75 year old Man

I’ve turned seventy five a load of times!
So let’s pull out the rum and wines!
We’ll reminisce about the years gone by,
We will laugh and probably cry.
These are the best years of our lives!

I’m going to teach you a thing or two,
about turning seventy five, woohoo!
You should probably buy some ‘depends’,
in case you wet the bed.
And I bought you some die to use today,
on your hair because it’s turning grey.
Don’t be afraid to get old,
it’s the best…let in unfold!

I have the utmost respect for you,
you’re there for everyone, through and through.
When I think back on these seventy five years,
it nearly brings me to tears.
No one has ever known a better man,
you always do what no one else can.
I hope you have the very best day,
and I wish you the best in every way!

I don’t mean to be so bold but,
seventy five is pretty old.
That being said, you’re a pretty cool guy,
trust me, I wouldn’t lie.
I hope you have the best day ever,
so stay young, stay clever.
Happy Birthday, old man!

I’m going to be honest with you on your birthday,
you should probably go die your hair, because it’s turning grey.
You might be old and wrinkly,
but I love you very distinctly.
I hope you have the best day yet,
you’re turning seventy five, don’t fret!

Live young, wild, and free,
turning seventy five is your cup of tea.
This will be the best year yet,
so don’t you sweat.
Being seventy five is the best,
trust me, I’ve taken the test.
Happy birthday!

Seventy five is a great number to be,
trust me, you’ll see.
I wish this to be the best year of your life,
and I hope it brings you no strife.
So, have a happy birthday please,
because you deserve it, you’re the bees knees!

Some people say that seventy five is old,
but I think seventy five is bold.
I can only strive to be the man you are,
I hold you so close to my heart.
I thank you for all you have done,
In my book, you’re number one!
Have a happy birthday,
you are the most worthy!

Happy birthday you old fart!
Seventy five years ago is when you got your start.
If you ever start to forget your age,
come to me and I’ll help you gauge.
Old people can still have fun,
trust me, I’m one of ’em!
So have a great birthday today,
even though you’re old and grey!

You’re the oldest person I know,
but you don’t ever let it show!
Being old isn’t the pits,
you can look back on your “greatest hits”!
You’re seventy five,
and still very much alive!
Have a good day today,
on this very special birthday!

Seventy five years is a long time to look back,
but your life does not lack.
You have created some very special memories,
so have a great seventy fifth birthday, please!
You deserve it,
you have so much charm and whit!