65th Birthday Wishes

Happy 65th birthday to a man I adore
I hope this one’s great, and I wish you many more
You might just be shocked to find that 65 is a great age to be
You get to spend your time the way you choose and be with your family
There is nothing better than those two things
You just might be surprised at what life brings

Happy 65th birthday to a special lady we all love
You simply must be an angel sent from up above
There is no better way to explain how wonderful you are
How lovely you act and just how far
You have come in life to get to this place
There is nothing better than your smiling face

Now that you are 65, you might be wondering what you should do
You might have thought about working longer, taking up a hobby, or resting, too
The beauty of this age is you can choose what to do
You can do nothing or you can be active, too
Have a great 65th birthday
Spent in a grand way

Happy 65th birthday to the most beautiful woman I know
No matter where I look and no matter where I go
You still sparkle brighter than anyone else I can find
Your personality, your grace, and your charm still blow my mind
There is simply no better lady on earth or even one who can compare to you
You are one in a million and an exquisite lady, too

Now that you have reached 65, I hope you realize how young you are still
You have just gotten so much wiser now that you are over the hill
You don’t have to slow down or stop doing what you love to do
Instead, take this time in life to do what you have always wanted to
You can try new things, be adventurous, and run amuck
All you need is joy, happiness, and a little luck
Have a great birthday spent in an adventurous way
Try something brand new on this special day

Happy 65th birthday to a woman who continues to amaze us in new ways
Your silent strength continues to inspire us every day
We admire the way you face challenges head on when they come your way
You deserve a very special and a happy day
To celebrate in whatever way you choose
Sing a song, dance all night, or buy new shoes
Just know that you are loved every moment of every day
We want you to have life’s blessings in every way

You have been blessed in so many ways
You have family and friends to celebrate with all of your days
You have your good health and your energy, too
You are so good at all that you do
Have a great 65th birthday spent doing what you love to do
Soak up the sun, relax, and party, too

You should know that your 65th birthday is an important one
You’re supposed to kick up your heels and have fun
Enjoy every minute of the entire day
Celebrating in a grand style and a festive way