Birthday Wishes for 65 year old Man

They say life begins at 30. So really, you’re only turning 35, not 65. Happy 35th birthday!

Age is just a number. Everybody’s known mature and responsible 11-year-olds more socially capable than some slacker 30-year-olds. Age doesn’t have to dictate your life. “You’re as young as you feel” is a cliché for reason. Because it’s true. Age doesn’t mean a thing. Anybody should be able to do whatever they want regardless of their age. There’s no stigma anymore. Don’t be 65. Be you. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. That’s the 65th time you’ve heard that from people. Let’s hope you hear it another 65 times.

Wisdom comes with age because of experience. If you’re older, you’ve experienced more. You’ve been on this planet longer. You’ve seen things we can only read about. Your memories are records that will pass on through us forever and ever. You aren’t just wise, you’re prophetic. That is why we love you so much. Hope you will continue to get wiser. Happy Birthday.

I know that 65 is tough to swallow
But please don’t just sit there and wallow
The day is here so quit you’re whining
Before long we’ll be dining
Just put on that happy smile
And wave and shake hands and talk for a while
We’ll have some food and some cake
Don’t ask me how long it’ll take Kiss the grandkids, give ’em some money
Maybe I’ll give you one too, honey
Just remember this one thing, my dear
We’ll have to do this again next year! Happy Birthday

I wish that you would get a new couch
I wish that you’d stop being a grouch
I wish that Mommy would let me play with you more
I wish that you could take me to the toy store
I wish that Grandma would stop kissing me
I wish that you had a kitty or a puppy
I wish that you and Grandma could stay
And I wish that you have a really great birthday! Happy Birthday!

Old age is the ultimate meaning of life. It is the pinnacle of existing. Our entire youth is simply preparing for old age. When you’re born, you learn basic skills so you can go to preschool. You go to preschool to prepare for kindergarten. You go to kindergarten to prepare for grade school. You go to grade school to prepare for middle school to prepare for high school to prepare for college to prepare for work to prepare for retirement. Now you’re there. You’re here. You’ve accomplished your goals. You’ve fought through all your battles. Now comes your reward: Your freedom. Congratulations on your freedom. Congratulations on your life. Happy Birthday.

Thank you for all that you’ve given us. The wonderful trips. The fascinating stories. All the many gifts. We will forever cherish every single memory and every single moment. It’s been such a beautiful journey here with you. We hope and pray and wish that it is far from over. Happy Birthday.