75th Birthday Wishes for Brother

It’s your birthday once again
You are my brother but most importantly, you are my closet friend
You’ve had my back through thick and thin
Happy 75th to the best of men

We are inseparable some would say
I wouldn’t have it any other way
Our bond is special so on this day
I know you’re somewhere lying about your age
Happy 75th Birthday brother!

Who would have known it would be back to diapers
At least we’re not alone and have had lots of practice
You taught me to appreciate life and for that I’m grateful
You are more than my brother, you’re my angel
Happy 75th birthday

75 already! Time sure does fly
As kids we used to race but I don’t know why-
we used our legs because these chairs are so much faster
I can beat you to the corner and that’s a challenge!
Happy Birthday brother and here’s to plenty more fun times

Going fishing with you and dad were some of my favorite moments
It took me a long time to catch something but you encouraged
Me to never give up so I kept trying
I’ll never forget your proud look when I caught one, finally
Thank you for always being there big brother
Happy 75th Birthday!

Things haven’t always been good between us
Some say you fight most with the ones you love
But there is one thing I know is true
I’m a much better person because of you
I love you brother and Happy 75th birthday

You are a great brother and even better man
From when we were kids to adults you’ve been my biggest fan
Your love, support, and dedication I couldn’t have done without
Even though most of the time I provoked foul words from your mouth
Happy 75 years brother!

75 years and what have you seen?
13 presidents promising things
If you ask me, you’re more qualified than them
Because you actually care about the advancement of man
Happy Birthday brother!

You have always stood up for me
At first against mom and dad
And then at school against Jim and Brad
I never feared anyone or anything
And if I ever needed something, I knew who I could ask
Thanks for being the best brother ever! Happy 75 years of living

Happy three quarters of a century brother
You are now seven and a half decades old
As you look at your grandchildren, there are plenty of stories to be told
Have a memorable 75th birthday brother

Happy 75th birthday to the most enjoyable man I know
You are so funny I don’t understand why you don’t have your own show
I mean those other guys are alright but you are so much better
Even at your age you could blow them out the water

One year older, one year wiser
I wish I could say one year nicer
But you’re a grumpy old man
Seems like you’ve become a fighter
Hey, who am I kidding, you couldn’t be any kinder
Happy 75 years brother