73th Birthday Wishes

Today you turn 73! And I am shouting with glee! You’ve come so far these many years! You deserve the very best and three cheers! Happy birthday dear old friend! Your birthday today is making us grin!

Happy birthday to you, dear one of us! You are 73 today, and that’s worth a fuss! We are so happy for you and this day! You make our lives brighter in so many ways!

I love you! I love you! You’re 73! You don’t look a day older than 24 minus 3! You are smart and beautiful and oh so funny! And today I really hope your day is sunny! Because it’s your birthday, and it’s time to celebrate! So put on your best outfit…it’s time to cut the cake!

Happy birthday to you, the sweetest man I know! At 73, you still can put on a show! You’re handsome and kind and have the best jokes! And for your birthday, we’re eating cake and drinking Cokes! So get ready right now! It’s time to cheer! You’re 73 years old, and that’s deserving of a beer!

Happy 73rd birthday to a woman with style! You’ve shown us all how you can go on for a while! We are happy you are here for another great year! And today we are wishing you a day full of cheer. We love you, yes! Yes, we do! And today we are sending happy birthday wishes that are true!

It takes a long time to get to 73! And I want you to know I’m as happy as can be! You are a a champ, a fighter, a pal! Today I hope you know you are the best birthday gal!

Seventy-three has come so fast! It’s hard to believe it’s been another year that’s been a blast! I want you to have an even better year than ever before! Let’s start year 73 with a cheer and a roar! Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Today you turn 73, and we have a clue! Don’t you think we could ever forget! You’re way too special to be left in the pits! So cheer up good soul, wonderful woman in this world! Your special birthday means you’ve got to take a twirl! You’re 73! That’s no small feat! And today we are doing to celebrate with wine and meat! So prepare yourself quickly, and put on a hat! We’re going out to dinner, and at home we’re leaving the cat! Hooray to you, birthday girl! It’s time to get in the car and take a birthday whirl!

You are so special, so beautiful, so rare! And at 73, you still have all your hair! So I’m sending you happy wishes from near and from far! Today is your day! You are a star!

You know it won’t be long until 74, but for now we’ll stick with 73 to even the score. Happy birthday to you, the most wonderful woman around! It’s your day to eat cake, relax and even act like a clown!