86th Birthday Wishes

Happy 86th birthday to the sweetest lady I know
I am simply amazed by how much you are still on the go
You never give up, and you do it with such style and grace
There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing your smiling face
Enjoy this birthday like you have never before
I hope this one is the best one yet and many, many more

Happy 86th birthday to a man I hold dear in my heart
No matter what role you have had in life, you have always played the part
With honor, dignity, and respect, too
I admire you so much for the work that you do

To my dear friend on your 86th birthday
How did we get to be such good friends in this special way?
We have a great bond that cannot be broken or taken away
Let’s celebrate together on your special day

I am so honored to know you and spend time with your each day
You make me feel good about myself and about life in every way
You share stories and advice with me to help me grow
I wonder how I will ever be able to show
Just how much I care about you
Happy 86th birthday, and I love you, too

I wonder what you will wish for on your 86th birthday
A million dollars, lots of friends, or just to get your way
You already have achieved so much and have lots to be grateful for
You have a great family, good friends, and are admired by many more
I wonder sometimes if you know just how lucky you are
In this life, you really are the shining star

I have never met another person that I admire more than you
You have my utmost respect, and my gratitude, too
I will always hold you in high esteem for all that you have for me
You are simply so wonderful that it’s easy for everyone to see
Have a phenomenal 86th birthday this year
Make sure it’s filled with love and good cheer

How can I ever thank you for the way you treated me?
How could you see what others couldn’t see?
You believed in my at a time when I could not
You recognized my talents, and you encouraged me a lot
I appreciate the way you took me under your wing and helped me
I hope you have a great 86th birthday and flaunt it for all to see

Your courage and your honor and your strength amaze me
I put you on a pedestal for everyone to see
My admiration for you surely runs deep
There are so many feelings for you that I keep
Near and dear in my heart where I feel such love for you
Have a happy 86th birthday and enjoy it, too

Happy, happy 86th birthday to a woman who has a strong will
You make up your mind, and you hold to your values still
I admire the way you stick to your guns when you know you are right
I respect your strength, your intelligence, and your might