7th Birthday Wishes

One your seventh birthday, you should know
That you have so much more room to grow.
You have many things you can do,
But don’t ever let yourself be blue.
You’re the best little thing there is,
And I hope this day is filled with only bliss.

This is the day you are seven,
But don’t forget you’re almost eleven.
You should have a great day
A time where you get to play.
You’re the best there is,
And I hope that this
Card makes you feel great
Because you’re an amazing mate.

When you are celebrating this day,
Remember you are now seven in every way.
You have plans to make your life better
And I hope that you feel like they matter
Because being seven can be rough
But you’re so very tough.
I want you to have a great day,
And enjoy it in every way.

Happy birthday, happy birthday
Seven is your new number.
You have the best way
Of showing us
That you care.
You have a sweet heart,
And I hope this is a good start
For a day just for you.

Seven is a special number
And this is not a day to slumber.
Have a great day because you should
And have some play out in the wood.
Eat some cake and sing
Because you are the very best thing.

Happy birthday to this new seven year old
Happy birthday to this special kid
Happy birthday to the one who is a hit
I hope you have such a great time
Because you have a life

There are things you need to know on this special birthday
Because you are wonderful in every way.
We have watched you grow all the way to seven,
And we want you to go way past eleven.
Have a great day with a party to play,
And we promise to make it special in every single way.

I hope that this birthday of seven
Is the one that you have always wanted.
You are the coolest little kid in the world,
And you are more than any friend could have wanted.
Make sure you enjoy this special day
Because seven is an age
That has its own way.

If you are having a great birthday,
Please remember our plea.
We want this birthday of seven
To be nothing but glee.
We’re hoping that this is the best card for you
Because do not want you to feel blue.
Have a great birthday, my dear
Because seven is just a number and eight is next year.

When you’re playing on your birthday so grand,
Please remember we have a different plan.
We want you to make sure that you are having so much fun
Because there is so much to happen in the year to come.
Being seven years old is a big thing for you,
And we want you to remember that, as always, we love you.