Funny Birthday Wishes for 21 year old Woman

You’re finally 21! Let’s just have a knitting circle and order a pizza at home to celebrate? Psych! We’re going out to party! Happy birthday to a great 21 year old girl. Hope it’s everything you ever wanted it to be!

Happy 21st birthday to an awesome friend. Go out, and have a great time. Celebrate till your heart’s content, and yeah, get wasted. The union of you and a legal drinking age is surely the start of something special.

Happy 21st birthday, girl! You’re young, you’re free, you’re smart, you’re beautiful, you’re single, and you can drink! Make the most of it!

Who ever thought we would still be friends when we turned 21? To your big 21st birthday, I say congratulations, and let’s party hard!

What does a young, hot girl such as yourself do on her 21st birthday? Why she goes out and parties of course! Here’s to a night you’ll never forget, and a hangover you will definitely never forget! Happy birthday, girl!

Hey hon, it’s your 21st birthday, and we got you something special: unlimited legal drinks at bars! We can’t wait to celebrate this special day with you and to help you survive the morning after as well (wink, wink). Happy birthday, girl!

Happy 21st birthday, girl! Every young thing deserves a great night out on the town with her best girlfriends for her 21st (just don’t expect us to help you in the bathroom the next morning)! But in all seriousness, we hope your 21st birthday night is everything you ever hoped it would be. You’re the best, and you deserve the best!

Happy birthday to the one and only you! You’re 21 now, and after tonight that means you pay for your own booze!

Who ever thought we would still be friends when we turned 21? To your big 21st birthday, I say congratulations, and let’s party hard!

You’re the last of us to turn 21, and what does that mean? Everyone will be able to buy you drinks! Happy birthday, bud.

It’s not every day you turn 21. Hope this birthday is everything it’s cracked up to be and more. Most of all, hope you get crazy wasted!

Happy birthday to a great gal and a great friend. I can’t believe you’re finally 21, girl. Enjoy this day and make the best of it! Have a blast!

Happy birthday to a beautiful 21 year old girl! You are an amazing friend, and I am so happy you are finally able to drink with us, because we’ve had enough drinking at home!

You’re 21! Congratulations on turning the greatest age there is. Drinking, partying, hanging out with your friends at the bar … and everything that comes with it the next morning! It’s worth it, have a blast on your 21st birthday!

Congrats on turning 21! Now you have to buy us drinks once in a while!

Happy 21st birthday to the funniest, happiest, nicest girl there is! We’re so glad we get to celebrate your 21st with you and watch you get wasted in front of everyone!

Happy birthday. You’re 21. Drink hard. Party hard. Call in sick to work ahead of time.