75th Birthday Wishes for Friend

“Happy Birthday to my friend whose seventy five
I’d say thats a long time to be alive!
Of course I’m older,
so allow me to be bolder
What’s amazing is you’re still sure a flirt
even though you’re older than dirt.”


“Honestly don’t have the words
I mean really, my memory is dim
lets just sit and stare like old birds
why am I writing this again?
Oh yeah, my friend whose been..
where’s my pen?
I forgot the occasion…
and when did we start to look like a raisin?
Happy 75th from your friend forever
or at least as long as I can remember.”

“Your life comes through like light
shining on all those around you
a beautiful sight into
which I gaze.
Warmest wishes on your
birthday and always.”

“What’s that light on the horizon?
Could it be from a space ship?
aurora borealis? a comet?
Oh, it’s the candles on your birthday cake
so many I almost couldn’t take
looking without my sunglasses.”

“Happy birthday, here’s your cake.
now for a party could we even stay awake?
we’re old friends getting older every day
But know I’m here for you in every way.”

“Welcome to the 75th birthday episode
In the story of old friends we’ve told
the ratings will be through the roof
you the serious one, I the goof
we are proof that opposites attract
oh the dramas we enact.
A fictional story would be a fuss.
here’s to the story of us.”

“We’ve been friends a long time, longer than I can remember! You’ve made my life worth remembering. Some things I’d like to forget but I’ll always remember the day we met and I’ll never forget your birthday. You mean so much to me. I don’t know where I’d be without you. Happy 75!”

“Sometimes I transport myself back to about 50 years ago when we met as teenagers and it’s the best time of my whole life. Man, did we get into a lot of trouble. You were my partner in crime and still could be, although slightly more geriatric! I always remember you even though we haven’t seen each other in awhile. When you celebrate your 75th birthday this year, know that I’m there with you in spirit, helping you blow out those MANY candles.”

Once in a while I’ll be doing something routine, folding clothes, putting something away, and I’ll remember something you told me and I crack up laughing. In this way, although we don’t actually talk or see each other much these days, I just wanted to let you know you’re still with me all the time. Happy 75th Birthday and many more!

Happy 75th Birthday. You’ve made it this far, congratulations. Life is a series of tests and you’ve stood up like a champ to each and every one. There’s a bravery in you that is true and not just the kind people put on to make themselves look good. You are an inspiration to me, friend. You’ve taught me so much.”

“How about a night out on the town for your 75th? We’ll eat ice cream and take naps at your place. Sound like a plan? At this age, old friends can keep it simple and real. What a relief. I know on birthdays we are supposed to give gifts but you’re someone in my life that gives so much and expects so little in return. So, I got ya nothing! You can give me the same thing for my birthday, too! Deal?”