Happy Birthday for 70 Year Old Man

“Happy 70th Birthday to a man
so young at heart
from your biggest fan
right from the start”

As my life with you continues to grow,
birthdays come and birthdays go
One thing I do know is you’re the
person who always seems to know
my heart. You still make me glow.”

70 times around the sun
for every rotation,
another heart you’ve won.
It’s not an exaggeration
to say everyone loves you
because your heart is true.”

“If life is a series of random events, my favorite one is meeting you. I can’t imagine life any differently. Birthdays might not mean much to you, but they do to the people who care about you. We celebrate today because we got to associate with you for another year. You make our lives brighter and we wish you many more. Happy 70th!”

“Look how far you’ve made it! Life is difficult, but you’re one of those people who makes it look easy. You stick with your friends through thick and thin and that does not go unnoticed. You always have a word of wisdom and a good joke in the times that are rough. Happy 70th Birthday to my oldest, wisest, and funniest friend.”

“You may not have known it, but the example you set has been a standard I measure myself against. The consistency in the way you treat people with respect is noteworthy. It doesn’t matter if it’s the person in the check-out line or your old friend, you always have a genuine smile. I hope to be like you someday. In the meantime, please bless me along the way. Your impression on my life is never forgotten. Happy Birthday.”

“Some people create art and have a big personality that revolves around it. Everyone looks at them and says, ‘oh, yes, they are an artist’, because they are self-promoting. You, on the other hand, are really an artist. There is no doubt in that. You can see it in everything you do and in the way you live. You see beauty and draw your attention to it all the time. This makes you beautiful and reflects in the people around you. You yourself have become a distinguished work of art. Happy 70th Birthday and many more!”

“If words could tell everything I feel when you walk through the door, I’d probably be a best selling author. You inspire me and bring my life joy. It’s not a small thing. I know now that you’re getting older there are some limitations in what you can do, but it doesn’t change who you are, an amazing and vibrant being, full of light and love. Thank you for everything you do. I hope you know how special you are today and always. Happy 70th Birthday!”

“Teacher, friend, dad, colleague, uncle, boss, husband. You sure have had a lot of roles in life, and you’ve stepped up to each and every one of them and given your best. We admire you in all your forms. Happy 70th!”

“If a man could write a manual for other men on how to live, I’d nominate you as the author. Some people pretend they’re giving things their best shot, others actually do it. That’s you. You’re the real thing. I pray my boy becomes like you as he matures. Thank you for your fine example. Have a great day. Happy 70th Birthday!”