75th Birthday Wishes for Uncle

Happy birthday uncle of mine!
I hope that you are doing fine.
75 are now your years-
Filled with laughter, love, and tears.
Of life you’ve learned,
Respect you’ve earned,
And many lives
You’ve touched
And turned
For good.
So may you find
Enjoyment true,
Consolation and troubles few
On this day-
Happy birthday to you!

On this most momentous day
I stop my ordinary life to say
Thank you to a head that’s gray
And a heart that a kind word
Always has to say.
Happy birthday
From my heart,
From your nephew.
And I wish you to start
This new year of your life
With pride.
Happy birthday 75!

Three quarters of a century have passed,
Since you entered this world’s grand scene.
May birthday blessings on you be cast,
And may you find a peace serene.
May the wisdom that you’ve gained in life
Assist you now and others aid.
I wish you good things all this year
Beginning on this day.

May this year shine bright
Among the years
That you have been alive.
May all go well,
May God bless you, Sir.
Happy 75!

May the best of all God’s blessings
Come your way
And stay for long.
May God fulfill your every purpose
And in your heart put a joyous song.
May the fruit of all your labors
Through the years,
And this year too,
Be sweet and bring you pleasure.
Happy birthday, Uncle, to you!
May the plans of the Heavenly Father
And the desires of your heart
Be found to match exactly
In your life, and may you start
This year of your life
With purpose,
And dedication to His cause.
May others see the joy you find
In fulfilling all His laws.
My uncle, happy birthday,
From your nephew
Who sees the worth
Of your time-tested and constant example
On the seventy-fifth year
From your birth!

In the year that Europe went to war,
On a far-distant American shore,
A babe was birthed-
A son brand new.
And uncle, that little baby was you.
It’s hard to think of you a youth,
But yet I must acknowledge this truth:
All things old had their beginning.
So I hope that in your 75th “inning”
You will the “game of life” be winning.
Sequoia trees began small seeds,
Grand Canyon once was flat,
And you were young once-
Imagine that!
Happy birthday uncle!

A nephew’s happy birthday wishes
To an uncle old and true!
May your 75th be your best birthday yet!
And may all your dreams come true!

May all the goodness
Life may bring
Be yours
This whole year long.
May God pour upon you
All His gifts
And keep you from all wrong.
Happy birthday, uncle!

O birthday wishes
Now I spread
To an uncle grand
With a gray, old head!
Who stories tells
And tells, and tells,
Till all have memorized
Them well
And can recite them
Just like ringing a bell.
We finish your sentences
With amazing precision-
But I mean this not
To be a derision.
For I have enjoyed them
Many a time.
Many, many, many
A time!
So I offer you
This happy birthday