77th Birthday Wishes

You are such an inspiration to so many people who know you
We love you so much and just want to show you
How much we appreciate you and all that you do for us each day
We want you to celebrate this 77th birthday in a very special way
Just tell us how we can make this day perfect for you
After all, you take care of us and help us, too

You are loved each and every day by so many people I cannot count them all
You make us laugh, help us enjoy life, and show us how to have a ball
We count on seeing your beautiful, smiling face
We count on you to fuss and get on our case
When we do wrong and need to things a different way
We know you care about us, and we just wanted to say
We hope you have the most wonderful 77th birthday

Happy 77th birthday to a woman with such style and such grace
To a woman who always manages to wear a beautiful smile on her face
To a woman who knows how to enjoy every moment that life gives her
To a woman who understands the importance of friends and family members
You truly are unique in every way
Enjoy every moment of your birthday

Happy 77th birthday to a man we all admire and respect
From you, there are so many things we have come to expect
You are a man of principles and of values that are dear to you
You are a man of strength, mercy, and wisdom, too
There is no other man on earth that can hold a candle to you
You light up our lives, and we love you, too

Happy 77th birthday to the best friend I have ever had through the years
We have stuck by one another’s side through the happy days and the tears
When the road got rough, we stuck it out anyway
You deserve to enjoy yourself on your 77th birthday

Happy 77th birthday to a friend I don’t get to see often enough
You are one of a kind and so very tough
I don’t know you do what you do
But I hope this is the birthday all of your dreams come true

Dream big dreams and wish huge wishes on this special day
After all, you deserve all of life’s happiness to come your way
Just remember, you can’t have what you don’t ask for
Happy 77th birthday; I wish you many, many more

When you blow out the candles on your birthday cake
Don’t forget about those wishes you’re supposed to make
You only get three wishes so think wisely before you decide what to wish for
I hope you have a great 77th birthday that is followed my many, many more

Happy, happy birthday to the greatest 77 year old I know
You still know how to put on quite a show
Old age certainly hasn’t slowed you down at all
You still know how to party and have a ball
Enjoy your birthday with those around you
I hope every minute of it is happy and fun, too