78th Birthday Wishes

You’re finally 78, here’s to all you’ve done
May there be even more great days to come
Birthday wishes I’m sending straight your way
All the best to you on your special day

You’ve been through so much
You’ve accomplished even more
Wishing you a wonderful 78th
With much happiness in store

To a wonderful person who’s always giving
You’ve shown us all the right way of living
Your time on this earth has been worthwhile
You’ve lived each day with class and style
On this day there’s nothing left to say
But the best to you, happy 78th birthday

You’ve endured all the good times, as well as the bad
Most were happy, but there’s been some that were sad
And now that you’ve lived an amazing 78 years
I’m sending you lots of warm birthday cheers

Reaching 78 years is quite a feat
Each difficulty in life you did meet
With strength, character, and grace
Now that you’re here I’ll state my case
You’re one of a kind, this is true
Happy 78th birthday wishes to you

To so many people you are so dear
Your family and friends now are near
So happy 78th on your special day
May all the best come your way

Of course it so obviously appears
You’ve gotten better with the years
You’re like fine wine with age
You’re at a wonderful new stage
You make 78 look good, this is true
So happy birthday wishes for you

How quickly the years have all come and gone
You’ve always been sweet and caring, yet strong
You’ve survived all of life’s highs and lows
You’re fabulous at 78 years-old, this I know

You look fantastic at 78
Being around you is always great
My love for you will always grow
As our days together continue to flow
You’re someone I never want to be without
Happy birthday to you I say with a shout

You’ve lived a life that’s full and hearty
Now is the time to start the party
Light the candles, slice the cake
Good times together we will make
Although you’re now 78, that’s true
Happy birthday and many more to you

You’ve been such an inspiration everywhere you go
You’ve been loving and kind to everyone you know
You’re still full of life with much more to do
Happy 78th birthday and wishing many more for you

It’s amazing how quickly speeds the time
At 78 you’re still fabulous and fine
So wear that smile we all love to see
And enjoy happy birthday wishes from me

Don’t think for a moment that now you’re old
For you lots of life and vitality the future holds
Happy birthday to you, you’re 78 years young
May your day be full of family, friends, and fun

You’ve gained wisdom through all your years
You’ve lived through joy, trials, and tears
As you approach 78 years of a great life lived
Happy birthday wishes to you I personally give