82th Birthday Wishes

As you get older and blow out the candles on your cake
Just how many wishes are you supposed to make?
It seems to me that you should get as many as you would like to come true
After all, look at all of the wonderful things you do
You love us all to the bottom of your heart and help us through
You deserve the best 82nd birthday and happy days afterwards, too

I want to take a moment to wish you a very happy 82nd birthday this year
Not only that, but I hope every day after it is filled with cheer
You have made me the person that I am today
You have kept me straight along the way
When the going got tough, you didn’t give up on me
In my heart, I guess you could see
That I wasn’t as bad as everyone thought I might be
Thank you for never giving up on me

I wish I knew the right words to say to you
To help you understand how much I love you and how much you mean to me, too
Words seem inadequate when it comes to what I feel for you
I appreciate you, need you, and enjoy your company, too
I cannot imagine a day going by without seeing your smile
Your friendship means everything to me and has for awhile
Thank you for being the great friend that you are to me
Have a happy 82nd birthday; you deserve to be happy

Today we must take the time to celebrate you
After all, today is your 82nd birthday; it’s true!
You are inspiration in so many ways
We wish you happiness and good health always

Have you thought about how you want to celebrate your day?
Do you want a party, a cake, or to celebrate in a special way?
Today is a day for festivities, food, and fun
You truly deserve to shine in your moment in the sun
Have a wonderful 82nd birthday; may all your dreams come true
I wish you success, happiness, and love in all that you do

You have that special sparkle in your eyes
Your eyes show that you are strong and wise
You have that gorgeous smile upon your face
You always look like you just won the race
You seem to have unlocked some secret about life that we don’t know
What is the secret to your happiness and your happy glow?
We admire you and respect you for the person that you are
Happy a great 82nd birthday, you beautiful, shining star

You are so beautiful to me in every conceivable way
I hope your 82nd is your very best birthday
I hope you spend your day surrounded by those you love
I hope your day is filled with God’s blessings from up above
May all of your wishes come true this year
May you spend all of your days in bliss and good cheer