83th Birthday Wishes

At 83 years of age, you certainly haven’t slowed down at all
I know that everyday I should expect you to call
I love every minute that we get to stop and chat when we can
Now, I only wish that I could slow the clock’s hands
There are still so many adventures we have to try
Before another birthday passes us by
Have a phenomenal 82nd birthday this year
Filled with nothing but love and cheer

To the most special woman I know,
Where did all of the years go?
Time has slipped by so very fast
Sometimes I like to think back to the past
To revel in the memories of bygone days
And think of much simpler times and ways
On this, your 83rd birthday, take some time to relive your success
You have my admiration; I think you are simply the best

Happy 83rd birthday to a woman who is the embodiment of the word grace
You deserve nothing but life’s blessings bestowed on your smiling face
There is no sweeter woman to be found anywhere
Please know that you are loved and how much we care
I hope your day is filled with sunshine and happiness, too
Enjoy every moment of it, and love what you do

Happy 83rd birthday to a woman has such style and flair
You have such a way with words and show such empathy and care
You are a woman of many talents who brightens many folks’ days
You deserve all of your wishes to come true in the best of ways

On this day, 83 years ago
The world become a better place, you know
After all, you were born and the world got even brighter
You are a beacon of hope, and a true fighter
My admiration for you is at an all time high
I just didn’t want to let such a special day go by
Without wishing you the happiest birthday of them all
I hope you enjoy every moment and have a ball

Happy, happy 83rd birthday to a woman who is sweet and kind
I really hope that you don’t mind
But I told everyone we know about your special day
So they could all send special birthday wishes your way

You continue to amaze me every single day
With your wit, charm, and grace in so many ways
You never cease to astound me with what you say and do
I hope you have a happy 83rd birthday and enjoy it, too

There aren’t many people on earth who have achieved success like you
You are simply amazing and an inspiration, too
I continue to be surprised by you in every way
Take a moment to celebrate and enjoy your 83rd birthday

Happy 83rd birthday to a friend I simply adore
I hope this one is the best and that you have many more
I have never known anyone with your strength and with your grace
It makes me so happy to see your smiling face
I hope this day is all that you want and hope for it to be
I am so glad you chose to spend it with me