Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman! This is your day, and good wishes we shall summon! You are smart and beautiful and funny, too! I’m so thankful for a friend like you!

Happy Birthday to my cousin’s sis! You are sweet and kind and deserve a kiss! Have a great day and know how much we love you! A rare woman you are…friends like you are few!

Sending birthday vibes and love to you! You’re a year older, but what can you do? This is your year, dear cousin sis! So embrace all that is there for you when you make your wish!

You may be my cousin, but I don’t think of you that way! To call you my sister, I don’t have to be swayed! So I’m sending you the happiest birthday wishes from afar! I miss you and love you, and that’s something no one can mar!

Happy Birthday Cuz, you’re my very best friend! We’re connected by family, but I feel Heaven sent me a sister instead! Have a wonderful birthday, filled with good cheer! I’ll always be there to pump you up on your birthday every year!

Congrats to a woman whom I can always call my pal. But you’re so much more, you’re my sister gal. We may be cousins and connected by our fam. But you are so much more than into this poem I can cram. So know that I love you, my cousin, my friend. And on this special day, all love and happiness to you I send!

Wake up! Today is your day! It’s your birthday, and I can’t wait to say: You are my cousin, but it would be truer to admit. Our relationship is much more than into this ditty I can fit. You are brilliant and funny and beautiful to boot! And to call you my sister is such a hoot! So today I hope you have the very best time. Remembering all the reasons why I love you in this rhyme! Happy birthday to the most wonderful gal. I’m so happy that I can call you my pal!

It’s a really special day! Did you know? I remembered your birthday this year, and I miss you so! You are my dear cousin, but you’re also my best buddy! You are my sister, my gal pal, my friend who keeps days sunny! I can’t imagine a world without you in it on this exciting day. And I’m writing you to wish you the happiest birthday in every way!

Hey, Cuz! Happy Birthday! You thought I’d forget! But you’re way to special, and I love you to bits! I think of you as more than blood. You’ve been a sis to me through all the years when I felt like a dud. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This birthday wish is a start!

Happy Birthday to a woman who feels more like a sis! On this special day, you I cannot dis! You are amazing and smart and funny, too! And on your big day, I’m letting you know that I love you!