85th Birthday Wishes

You might think that blowing the candles on your cake is like running a race,
but I love seeing the look on your dear, sweet face.
There is nothing in the world so clear
as how special you are dear!
Happy 85th!

You only feel as old as you look, and you look like you haven’t even baited a hook! Happy Birthday!

As people age, they become more valuable, as with a fine wine. You, my dear, are a diamond that shines.

Welcome to the age where you might need a walker,
your memory might not be that of a stalker.
Your wrinkles might show,
but that doesn’t change the love that flows.
Happy Birthday!

You are now at an age when your back goes out more than you do! We still love you and all that you have been through.

Getting old isn’t that bad when you think about other options in your life at this age.

You have reached the age of 85 by living healthy and remaining stealthy. Enjoy this special day and all it brings as everyone gathers around you and sings.

Some people think that the 85 year old woman can be a witch,
but I think she has pulled these years off without a hitch.
Much love on this day and years to come
To someone who is loved by everyone!

Age is only a number. You have lived a long, full life with only the best to come. Happy Birthday!

As cheese ages, it becomes better in taste and appearance. Take this into consideration as you grow with each day that passes. Happy 85th Birthday!

You might be wrinkled on the outside, but on the inside, you are still the same person you always have been. Enjoy this special day as something that you’ll never get again.

Age is something that puts your mind over matter. If you don’t mind about being 85, then the age doesn’t really matter.

To the moon and stars you can go, as long as you live for today.
There’s nothing more special to say on this your 85th birthday!
We hope that you celebrate with a joy in your heart
And know that you are loved for the special things that set you apart.

You’re not too old to hear a rhyme,
I love you more over passing time.
These days we have might be lacking the grace
That we had when we could physically run a race.
Happy Birthday!

Grow old with me as the best is yet to come! Live life to the fullest because we are much older than some!

Although time heals all wounds and makes some things healed, it doesn’t do much for the outward appearance that 85 has now sealed. Happy Birthday!!!

One sign that you’re getting old
Is when you are constantly being told
To watch your step, be careful where you go.
The only thing that matters is all of the wisdom you bestow.