Birthday Wishes for a Rockstar

Being a rockstar must be great,
I’m glad you were born on this date!

Today’s your day,
you’ve come so far!
I never thought I’d say
you’re a rockstar!

Shoot rocks for the moon, aim even at Mars!
even rocks that miss, land as rockstars.

So here’s to you, on your special day.
Though it took years, your work is now play!

What can I say to impress you?
You’re already such a success!
This birthday card must make do,
for my favorite rockstar, no less!

Happy Birthday, oh I’d write you a song!
Too bad its already been done.
Mr. rockstar could even sing along!
It would be such good fun.

Alas, your birthday is here
and it’s you I’m happy to see.
You’ve been such a great friend
and inspiration to me!

You know what they say of musicians?
Whatever you like to be called.
They list off many conditions,
the symptoms would leave you appalled!

But, enough of that! I don’t care.
You’re who you are and I see.
You do things others won’t dare!
That means something to me.

So keep doing what you’re doing.
Don’t listen to Negative Nancy.
They can’t see where you’re going,
Your life’s gonna be so fancy!

Open up your eyes and keep singing your song.
Don’t listen to the lies, they don’t know you. They’re wrong.

So this is your birthday, keep dreaming like you do.
I’m so glad to be a friend to, a rockstar just like you!

What’s up with you? I know how you feel.
Even your birthday doesn’t seem real.
But it is, trust me its truth.
Today is the day of your birth.

What does that mean? It means something great!
This isn’t how rockstars truly celebrate.
You need something big to show who you are.
Your friends will come from near and far.

You’ll open gifts and be showered with praise.
But really, we’ve come to sing that melodious phrase.
Happy Birthday to you, and some birthday wishes.
You’ve made it big, and don’t have to clean dishes.

It’s hard to explain
but I have to be true.
It may sound quite plain,
but I believe in you.

You’re my personal rockstar,
whatever others may say.
I was the first one
to ever hear you play.

Your songs are quite lovely,
they’re raw and feel real.
Though the words are above me,
they make my heart peel.

So what can I tell you
I can’t think of a way.
So, I’ll have to stick to,
tried and true,

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, you rockstar, don’t stop believin!
You’ve made it through another season.

Your birthday has come again, another year’s here.
So keep movin forward with courage, not fear.

How to party like a rockstar?
Let me count the ways!

Your alarm clock’s a shofar
on your birthdays!

Then there’s the ice cream,
and mountains of it!
A small child’s dream,
for you its no sweat.

Last are the dinners
from world renowned chefs.
We all feel like winners,
just being your guests!

So enjoy these moments,
from friends who are here.
Because you’re a rockstar,
we can party all year!