Birthday Wishes for a Runner

You are an inspiration beyond what words can express
Surmounting challenges to greet success
The strength you demonstrate embracing opportunities
Reveals your passion for all of life’s possibilities
Wishing you many more miles
With plenty of smiles
And joy along the way
May you have a very Happy Birthday

We attain our goals through vision
Overcoming obstacles along the road we’ve chosen
Gathering all of the will we possess
For the sake of making progress
We stretch our boundaries both far and wide
Sometimes making large but often small strides
Never knowing what we have won
Until we have first begun

Life’s journey is filled with wonder and trials
And over the years we travel its miles
At times we stumble and then we learn
The value of success that we earn
With courage we make it through
To begin the journey anew
Each step we take improves our pace
Until persistence finally wins the race

Our goals may seem at an unreachable distance
The closer we get; we find less resistance
Each step we take creates greater potential
The mountain we climb becomes more surmountable
We jump over the hurdles of yesterday
To find that our goal is a reality today.

What is possible depends on what we believe
The mind can accomplish whatever we perceive
Dreams can come true but it depends on you
To have the courage and conviction to begin to pursue
The great potential you have locked inside
Waiting to be unleashed and glorified

There may be many miles to run
Until the race is finally won
Over much rocky terrain
Through down pours of rain
Nature’s wonders inspire
Of its beauty we never tire
Faith leads us along the way
So our resolution does not stray
Each obstacle we confront
Until we emerge triumphant

Possibilities rule our lives
Our commitment to excellence drives
The power to achieve our wildest dreams
Through even the greatest extremes
Of misfortune and adversity
Endurance and persistence are the qualities
That will ensure that we achieve
All that our minds can possibly perceive

Today we celebrate our accomplishments
And give thanks for the encouragement
That continues to feed our passion
For achievement and positive action
It is through gratitude that we find
Fulfillment of the body and mind
It multiplies what we have to abundance
That we continue to enjoy magnificence

Success is not about perfection
The absolute correct way isn’t always certain
Through our mistakes, we learn and improve
Until we reach a state that we approve
It is a process of creation uniquely our own
That we achieve at each stepping stone

Attitude is a major player in success
Positive feedback is important to progress
Pursuing a goal often means performing undesirable tasks
Try approaching it by using a more pleasing mask
If you dread training for your 10K run
Look for ways to make it fun
Take a new route to see something new
Or combine other activities to make it interesting for you

Always keep in mind the motivation for pursuing your goal
It will help you keep moving and stay in control
Don’t slow down, time is over due
Forward momentum will see you through