87th Birthday Wishes

Some lives are full of strife.
Some people lack in might.
But your existence has been a boon
to everyone living under the moon.
On the celebration of your 87th year on this earth,
we thank the Lord above that He gave you the gift of birth!

87 years ago on this very day,
you began toward us to make your way.
Since the second we met you, we have been grateful
for always showering us with love and never being hateful.
For the kindness you have shown all of the years of your life,
here’s a great big birthday greeting from your kids and your wife!

In three more years, we’ll celebrate the big nine zero.
And no matter how old you grow, you’ll always be our hero.
But this year, 87 awaits you with joy,
here’s a cheerful Happy Birthday greeting to the birthday boy!


Since the year that you came to this earth,
you’ve seen a lot of things and experienced both sadness and mirth.
Through those years though, your biggest goal has been
showing the kindest heart possible to your fellow men.
Even if you feel that you never receive that same love in return,
this is the year we will give you all that you earn.
Happy birthday to the grandest man I know.
I can only apologize for not earlier telling you so.


Nearly nine decades ago, you began your journey here.
In that time, to my heart you’ve grown so incredibly dear.
I hope that on each of your birthdays I will always remember to say
how much joy you have delivered to each and every day.

Having a celebration each year
is something that we’ve always held so dear.
Don’t like your age get you done my friend,
we’ll cheers to you and dance until the very end!

No matter how many years you have on your life,
you’ll always be my gracious, beautiful and charming wife.
We’ll always find a way to celebrate, live and love
because you are my angel, my cherished one, my dove.
So here is to your 87th birthday; let us raise a glass
to an incredible future and present built from an amazing past.

87 is a number that far too many people dread.
87 is a number that keeps an abundance of folks in bed.
They yearn for the years when they still had their youth.
They yearn for the years when they still had each natural tooth.
They think the future is full of darkness and despair.
They think the future is lacking in hair.
Well, to you, my friend, I will always make a toast,
because from each day, you know how to make the most.

Another decade will be rounding up,
but I will love you forever and ever, my pup.
Today is your birthday, and we’ll put on our dancing shoes
because when we have one another, it is simply impossible to lose.