89th Birthday Wishes

You’re unique. I listen to everything that you speak. I admire you all the time, especially as your age in numbers does climb. You age with grace, always seeming to win the race. Your age never catches you, but with your years you grew, into the beautiful person you are today, the one I celebrate on this, your birthday!

I can only imagine the changes you’ve seen, of all that you’ve been able to glean. I look up to you, for you are what is true. You’ve given me more than you’ll ever know, may this birthday really glow!

You have done and seen so much. You continue to bless the lives you touch. May this birthday bring you new joy, just like when you were a little boy.

Your eyes have seen, your ears have heard, your mouth has tasted, and your hands have touched so many delights in your lifetime so far. May this year’s wish be right on par.

You’ve marked off so much of that bucket list, may this year bring a new twist. May you find adventure that will be well worth your venture.

They say you’re in your golden years, the time when you’ve switched gears. Who knew you’d have this much fun doing all that you have done. May this year give you even more, may your blessings continue to pour.

You’ve lived. You’ve loved. You’ve laughed. You’ve cried. But you haven’t died. We’re glad this day marks another year, and for that, we’re in good cheer.

I am so thankful for who you are; it is because of you, I’ve come so far. You’ve filled me with love and wisdom from the time I was young, of all your advice, I have sung. I look forward to learning more from you, for I know you are not through. Another day, another year, to celebrate your birthday!

You know me so well, before I even tell. We can speak with just our eyes; our friendship is such a prize. I am thankful I get to share another sweet year is an answer to prayer. May we fill it with joy and laughter, creating memories for now and there after.

At your age, we know birthdays might be bittersweet, but we pray that this year, you’re in for a treat. Another year is surely a gift to see, one we approach on bended knee. Praying for a little more wealth, good times, and stable health.

Not yet 90, but your 89 we don’t take lightly. You continue to give, which is why you live, a life full of all that is good, take this time to celebrate the more we know is in store. God bless this 89, while we wine and dine.

May we give back to you what you’ve given to us, this birthday is quite a plus. You teach us, grace us with your love, a life that gives hope just like a dove. You deserve the most, and of you, we will boast with a toast.