Birthday Wishes for younger Sister in Law

You, my sister-in-law, leave me in awe
May your birthday, I do pray
Be bright as your warm smile, which always carries me a mile.

Friends come and friends go, but sisters, we stay together whatever the weather.
We may not be of the same blood, but you’ve been my sister through the flood.
This day is special because it celebrates you; may it bring you many joys anew.

You are extra special because you’re married to my brother, the likes of whom to me there is no other. Your love and care for him make me glad, and I know it’s not just a fad. You deserve the best on your birthday, may the whole earth celebrate your worth, I pray.

You may be younger, but for others’ good you hunger. You crave to see the best in everyone and leave out no one. From you I’ve learned much; my heart you sure have touched. May this day bring you what you’ve given others and add to your life like you’ve enriched my brother’s.

Sweet sister-in-law, you’ve earned yourself a day full of joy, love, care, and pampering; one empty of sadness, hate, neglect, and tampering. May this birthday that brings another year, be simply full of cheer.

When you married my brother, I knew that I was getting another, a sister who would become a true friend, with whom hours I would spend, talking and sharing our hearts, helping to mend the broken parts. I am thankful for you today, and for your special day I pray, blessings of joy and love, the kind that comes from above.

You have brought so much joy and happiness to my brother’s life as his wife. Your laugh cuts any obstacle in half. I am proud to say you’re my sister-in-law, it’s definitely something about which I hem and haw. May your birthday bring gifts that will make you sing.

You may be younger than me, but in you an old soul I see. For my brother you’re a perfect fit, and with the family, such a hit. May your birthday bring you surprises that come in many shapes and sizes.

Your youth is full of truth. Your life a blessing that keeps me guessing how I can ever love you more and what else you have in store. With this next year, may even more become clear. May you feel as blessed as all the rest.

You’re the sister I never had, without you I would be sad. It’s like we grew up together, as tight as new leather. I hope you never part, for you are now in my heart. On your special day, remember what I say: enjoy the now and of the future you will say wow.

With you I can laugh and cry, share and ask why. With you, I am free to be me. Our friendship is the key that helps me see. My birthday wish for you is that you would remain true to who you are because that is what will carry you far.