Birthday Wishes for 25 year old Man

Peace and patience are key to life so in all your dealings, refrain from strife. Seek peace in every hour and it should result in glorious, pure power. Do not go forth looking for a fight. Come into peace and patience’s joyous light in your twenty fifth year. Happy Birthday.

Twenty Five years ago, you entered the world screaming and crying, barely opening your eyes. Twenty five years later, you are a man. You have a plan. Stick to it, you will go far. Stick with it, you will be a star. Happy twenty five!


Nine years ago, you learned to drive, seven years ago you learned to vote, four years ago you learned to drink, two years ago, you could rent a car. Today, you learn to be happy and carry on. Happy twenty fifth birthday.


You are a quarter way to a century, a quarter way to a centennial, a quarter way to your golden year. If you want to live to be ripe and old, remember, count your blessings and thank God for seeing your twenty fifth year with truth, love and prosperity.

Take life one day at a time, especially in your prime. You are not twenty and you have seen plenty. You are not thirty and you are still flirty. Find your peace, be a dove and celebrate your twenty fifth birthday with the ones you love.

Not every old man is wise. Not every young man is foolish. With the coming years, you will tell the difference more and more every day. With every success and every failure you will get smarter, you will get old and grow your heart of gold.

Turn twenty five, burn twenty four, learn twenty six because at your age, you will take a page from the people in your life and stay happy and true, wonderful and great and remember today when you are eighty eight.

Today you turn twenty five. Today you proved you survived twenty four without getting sore. Blow out the candles and make a wish after feasting on your favorite dish. Maybe you got presents, maybe you got money, but remember to live with sugar in your heart and a soul full of honey.

God gave you a life. God gave you a smile. God gave you a mile. God gave you a stone to rest your twenty five years before living twenty five more. It is up to you to know the score because only you know what you will use God’s gifts for. Happy twenty fifth birthday.

Make your twenty fifth a birthday to remember, make your twenty fifth a way to blow your ember. Keep your life’s fire fed. Keep your focus and drive and remember, no matter where you have been and what you have done, you can only do it live.

Remember when you were sixteen and all you wanted to do was drive? Now you realize all you are driving to is work. May your labors be fruitful and your bounty plenty for it is five years past twenty. Happy twenty fifth birthday.