Birthday Wishes for Golfers

Let’s grab our clubs and go hit a bucket of balls. No time like the present to warm up for the next golf season. I’m looking forward to lots of exciting rounds with you. And by the way, happy birthday. Many happy tee-offs to you.

This is the year I catch up to you on the course. I’ve been watching you, lagging behind all these years, but now I’m ready to move forward. Happy birthday, old man! Here I come. I vow to be as good as you this year.

Happy birthday to a veteran golfer and an all-around good guy. If it weren’t for you, the clubhouse would be a little less friendly. Rainy days would be a little less endurable. Sunny days would be a little less bright. Want to make a friendly wager on the next round? Here’s to you, pal.

Thanks for helping me with my swing. I’m in better form, thanks to you. You’ve been patient and generous with your time. I’d be happy to make up a foursome for eighteen holes on your birthday. The celebration afterward is on me, my friend.

Gloves, sunglasses, hat: You’re the one with the outfits! You lend class to every course you play. Here’s to another year of showing them how it’s done. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

The family that plays together, stays together. Happy birthday to the next generation of golfers. We expect you to do better than us, someday. Until that day comes, though, watch out! Wishing you a very full year of good practice.

I’m keeping my eye on you. This might be the year you break out. Hope it’s a great one for you. Congratulations on getting in some good shots lately. And, oh, yeah, congratulations on your birthday. You wear it well.

Don’t you love the golf course first thing in the morning? The mist rising from the water hazards, the sun warming the green, the quiet before the crowd arrives. Wonder, serenity and beauty are all part of golfing. May you truly enjoy all of it on your birthday.

You’re an inspiration to the club. I wish I had your handicap. I’ve been glad to know you and play with you all this past year. Happy birthday, from your partner and from everyone at the club. We all wish you many more rounds of golf in the coming year.

Frustrated with your five iron? Unhappy with your putting? Still forgetting to follow through? Join the club! Forget about it. Take it easy, and keep practicing. What else are we going to do? Here’s to another year of golf. Happy birthday, you old duffer.