Birthday Wishes for Daughter

For my daughter, on her birthday.
Happy birthday, my sweetest little baboo.
There is nothing quite a lovely as you.
You are the apple of my eye
And the joy in my heart.
I would tell how much I love you,
But I don’t know where to start.

For my daughter, on her birthday.
My beautiful baby girl,
You are the liveliest thing in the world.
I could make this card so much more,
But I don’t want to be a bore.
Just remember you’re the very best thing to me
Because you always fill my heart with glee.

For my daughter, on her birthday.
Dearest little daughter,
It doesn’t matter how old you get
Because I will never be able to forget
The first time you smiled at me
And called me Daddy.
There’s something special about having a girl
That the words would take up the whole wide world.

For my daughter, on her birthday.
My dear baby girl, do you know how lovely you are.
For as long as I can remember, you have always been a shining star.
This birthday is very special to me,
And I want you to enjoy it completely.
Make sure you save me one last dance
Because you’ll be a grown-up in a glance.

For my daughter, on her birthday.
My amazing little girl, you are no longer so small.
I remember when you were a baby, you would trip and fall,
But now you’re way too big to stop
Because you’re a spitting image of your Pop.
Remember that I love you on this day
Because you are so special to me in every way.

Everyone who has a daughter knows
That you don’t always stay in pigtails and bows,
But you are always be my little girl,
Who means more to me than anything in the world.
Whether you are young or old,
I will remember to be bold
And tell you I love you
Because you
Of all things
Help me fly with wings.

Baby girl, baby girl
What is it that I see?
I see this gorgeous little daughter watching after me.
No matter the time of day or season
You are always the reason
That Daddy has a smile on his face
Because you brought to him your beautiful grace.

Daughters are the most cherished thing,
Because of all the joy they bring.
Daughters are always there to care,
When no one else would dare
Because daughters have a heart of gold
That will always be with me
Even when I grow old.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.
I know that your birthday is yet to unfurl,
But I hope that you have a lovely day
Because you bring light to the world in every way.
I could choose better words for you
But none of them would give you your due.

Happy Birthday, to my amazing girl.

You know that you have worked hard to get here,
And now the time is near.
You are going to be a big girl one day,
And I want you to remember in every way
The things that you do to make my life grand
Because I’ve loved you ever since you graced this land.