Birthday Wishes For Roommate

Happy birthday roomie! It takes a funky, original roommate to have a funky, original apartment. Here’s to our funky lifestyle.

Roommates don’t get any better than you. Happy birthday.

As a token of my sincere appreciation for you, I will wash the dishes for the next three days. Just kidding. But happy birthday anyway.

Happy birthday to a great roommate. I like your music, I like your style. I guess I like you too. I hope you have a great one.


Roommate, we’ve had an interesting year. I think we will look back on these times and miss each other no matter where our next chapters take us. Thanks for being part of the journey. Happy birthday.

Hey roomie, let’s have a party. It’s your berfday, it’s your berfday, it’s your bleep bleep bleep bleeping berfday! xoxoxoxox

Wow. Another birthday. We’ve had a great time living together. We’ve thrown some good parties and some not so good parties. It’s been a real pleasure. Happy birthday.

I won’t get all sentimental on you roomie. I’ll just say you’re a wonderful person and I’m glad you’re ihn my life. Have a great birthday.

Roomie, who knew we could be roommates and great friends at the same time? You’ve taught me a lot, including how to pick up my own socks and towels. Someone, down the road, will thank you. For now, it’s just me saying thank you. And happy birthday.

It’s so nice to meet someone who shares my vibe. I’m glad you’re my roommate. Happy birthday. Make it a good one.

Roommates make indelible marks on our memories. I look forward to thinking of you when I get old. I’m pretty sure you will still make me laugh at the same old jokes. Have a happy birthday roomie.

Roommate, I just want to tell you how lucky I am to room with you. Our stuff jives, our music jives, and our food creations are pretty unusual. It’s been a cool ride. Thanks for sharing it. Happy birthday.

I’m so glad you’re my roommate. I couldn’t have gotten any luckier. I hope you have a great birthday. I will be home when you want to tell me all about it… or not! Happy birthday.

I’m glad you’re going out for your birthday so I don’t have to clean up the kitchen. Happy birthday.